Sunday, 17 July 2011

Updating our Search Engine Optimisation

Last week Daniel spent a few hours out of each working day watching and learning off an online course we were recommended to by a friend.  Each course was relevant to business and online marketing as well as website design ideas and tips/tricks. 

We paid special attention to learning some new services we could potentially offer to customers and after learning the new stuff we are currently testing them on our own website.  Daniel watched some of the following courses: Facebook and Twitter for businesses, Search Engine Optimisation and also Google AdWords.

Currently Daniel has tested the Twitter methods and we have increased our followers by 100 in a few days and 'tweeted' and interacted with other business better and more efficiently.  The Facebook part of the course taught him how to create custom apps for 'business pages' so we took our DTS Business Page and created our own custom app which can be found on the 'welcome' tab on the left.

The Google AdWords course taught us about the importance of the ad writing and how to be more efficient with bidding and setting budgets etc.  We have added this new knowledge to our current CPC campaign and noticed with the newly written ad campaigns we are getting found for more and more keywords we have set up, this has boosted our impressions and clicks by a lot and also had 1 or 2 enquires because of it!

The final part of the course he watched was all about SEO and how it has changed over the years and all the regulation you have to follow currently and how many designers do not think about SEO during the design stage and it is only an after thought.  Well Daniel took the newly acquired information on how important header tags, Meta tags and the internal/external links were and he has totally reworded our meta tags to match regulations and tweaked our home page to match as well.  He also edited all headers and sub heading to match the 'proper' weighted tags so that search bots can read what keywords are more important.  This work was finished today(Sunday 17th July 2011) so hopefully Google will cache our website soon and we can report back on the newly add work.

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