Tuesday, 26 July 2011

Clean & Tidy Workspace - DTS Internet Solutions

I follow a few designers and companies by means of Facebook and Twitter, Blogs and their websites. It's a great way to learn new things and watch how others work maybe gain some inspiration whilst browsing, treat clients and keep up to date with new services and trends.  I especially take an interest in the workspace in which they work. 

I think it's incredibly important what surrounds you ie, mess and clutter. I can't think clearly when surrounded by mess and even though no clients see my workspace in real-life, it's me that works here for 12+ hours a day.

I sometimes assume that when I tell people 'I work from home', they sometimes create thoughts of dirty, cluttered bedrooms and cramped conditions.  When in fact its the complete opposite, my room is the same size as a small office and is cleaned everyday meaning my working environment is clean and tidy.

The other common question is music vs no music. With me this is purely dependent on mood and what i'm doing. Writing/admin jobs = music generally - no questions asked. Very few things to distract me and generally these are done outside of work hours.
When designing it can vary, if i'm creating something new then silence or the radio in the background can help think clearly.

If i'm working on something not so new, then music it is, usually my iTunes library which is packed with varied genres including pop/rock/blues - varying artists from Lady GaGa to Gary Moore and ACDC to Thin Lizzy, I pick my music to match my mood.

I bought a set of Dr Dre Studio Headphones after a friend recommended them to me for comfort, quality and sound you get from these (see pic). They are generally classed as one of the best sets of headphones you can buy.  As I work 10-12 hours a day, music can't be played loudly all day/night. So even if I wore these 5 hours a day on average, over a year that's 1500 hours + of use. The batteries are my only concern!

Photos of my desk:

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