Monday, 27 June 2011

Daniel Wragg - Close Up Magician

On the other side of running DTS Internet Solutions as a freelance website designer I am also a professional Close up Magician, having the website design company and the spare time i decided to create myself a basic website to add to the portfolio.. its basic but has what i want on it.

Toxic Trio - Band Website

We were approached by a club band called "Toxic" who tour and go all over the UK playing in holiday parks and Working mens clubs.  They came to us wanting a standard website based around their logo and poster.

We got to work on it right away and the finished product was fantastic - Toxic were over the moon with the band website

Second Client - Shane Potts Locksmiths

Potts Locksmiths approached us at first just to have a meeting and discuss with us how to go about getting online and how to get onto Google without spending too much money.  He had a website online ( which a friend had created for him back in the 90's and he had never thought about changing it or looking back at it.  We suggested a standard website re design under a new domain. The new website would be professional, easy to use and had all the information on he needed for customers to read then to get it optimised to a high standard so it would be found in the search engines.

Because Shane felt we knew exactly what we were talking about to a high level and trusted our decision he would then let us do the work for him, the website was designed first and he was over the moon and said how professional it looked and the look it gave to his locksmith company.

Here is the link to his website..

Our First Client - Mister Twister Entertainments

Our first client was an award winning magician from Newcastle - Mister Twister.  He was looking for a fun and easy to navigate website for parents to find him and for children to go on and enjoy looking through.

He wanted a few extra little things adding as well eg Flash and music but we were able to cater for his needs, Darren was over the moon with the finished website and can be found here..

Here is a snippet of the testimonial Darren wrote about DTS and our service to him...

"Here at Mister Twister Entertainments we would like to say "a big thank you" for all the hard work you have continued to put into the design and structuring of our website.

DTS Internet Solutions have continued to provide us with an excellent service, which has moved our company forward within the entertainment industry. The overall design of the website is a main selling point, many of our clients have mentioned how professional and sophisticated it looks. The design and the search engines results have played a large part in the increasing of our client database, receiving interest from all over the UK.

Quick turnaround time, excellent customer service, promptitude and delivering the project within time and budget."

Contacting DTS Internet Solutions

If you ever want to get in touch either with our customer service/sales team or our design team then you can use any of the following details:

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Design Team

About DTS Internet Solutions

After working for other Internet Advertising Companies, I took all of the best selling points; products I feel work for the individual Company's requirements; the objectives other Internet Advertising Companies experienced, example the lack of Customer Service, put them together to make DTS stand out from the rest. I then took the bad points and worked on them to improve them massively to make them DTS' top priority.

Wednesday, 22 June 2011

Social Media Marketing - Darlington, Stockton, Durham, Middlesbrough, Newcastle, Northeast, UK

I can provide an advertising campaign for your business on Facebooks ads software or I can design you an advertising tab on your 'like – company page (if applicable)' page so your customers have something to view on Facebook which could link to your own website or email address. I can also create you a custom Twitter background and theme to match your website so your twitter blends into the rest of your Business identity.

A lot of traffic comes from social networking sites such as Facebook and Twitter. Getting someone in to help assist in doing this will generate more views to your website which could then get your more business, the more views you get, the higher percentage you have of the viewer picking up the phone and ringing you for your service.

CPC (Cost – Per – Click) - Darlington, Stockton, Durham, Middlesbrough, Newcastle, Northeast, UK

Create your ad - Write a short description about your business and add relevant keywords associated with your product/business, example, 'Builders in Teesside', 'Florists in Manchester', 'Accommodation in Kent'.

Set your preferred cost - Arrange an amount you are willing to pay per click example £1.00, this will depend on your search term, how many sponsored results are already appearing within the first page and how much you are willing to pay for your daily limit. A daily limit must be set to ensure that no further costs are incurred to you. Your ad position will depend on several other factors, suchas the quality of your landing page.

Search Engine Optimisation - Darlington, Stockton, Durham, Middlesbrough, Newcastle, Northeast, UK

DTS Internet Solutions offer SEO as part of their online marketing services.

Search Engine Optimisation is the process of coding the back of your Website and making some slight changes to your content for the Search Engine bots to pick up your Website and allow you to be found within the several different Search Engines. It's a long, ongoing process, however, when it works correctly can get you big results

Website Design - Darlington, Stockton, Durham, Middlesbrough, Newcastle, Northeast, UK

Here at DTS Internet Solutions we offer website design..

I can design a Bespoke Website to your specific requirements to incorporate your existing business logos; colours and Trade Body Association badges.

I can also take your current Website and re-design it for you, whether you want an update because you are going for a new look or simply want to be in the 20th century and want a more modern image.