Thursday, 14 July 2011

Google AdWords - new cost per click marketing campaign

About a week ago I decided I was going to try promote DTS through one of the services we offer here and so I set up a Cost Per Click(Google AdWords) campaign.  In the first day or two we saw results and our advert was appearing towards the top of the first page of Google amongst a couple of other website designers.

We are now going into our second week and we have had a few clicks off this campaign.  The campaign is set up for search terms such as 'Website Design Darlington' and 'Website Design Stockton' as we are covering the areas surrounding our office.

Our CPC campaigns for customers start from as little as £350+ which is a start up cost and it includes your first month worth of clicks FREE and all the work done so we don't waste your money(so you dont spend more than a set limit a day) and the campaign runs smoothly to gain you extra clicks and hopefully generating you more business.  You then pay a monthly free of £30+ depending on what your search terms are and how much they cost to bid on the first page of Google.

Check out our website for some more information:


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