Monday, 27 June 2011

Second Client - Shane Potts Locksmiths

Potts Locksmiths approached us at first just to have a meeting and discuss with us how to go about getting online and how to get onto Google without spending too much money.  He had a website online ( which a friend had created for him back in the 90's and he had never thought about changing it or looking back at it.  We suggested a standard website re design under a new domain. The new website would be professional, easy to use and had all the information on he needed for customers to read then to get it optimised to a high standard so it would be found in the search engines.

Because Shane felt we knew exactly what we were talking about to a high level and trusted our decision he would then let us do the work for him, the website was designed first and he was over the moon and said how professional it looked and the look it gave to his locksmith company.

Here is the link to his website..

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